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Where it all starts - we can build yours from the ground up with logos, messaging and supporting visuals.

Web Design

All of our websites are 100% responsive for all devices and optimized for search engines and social media.


Including motion graphics, visual effects, animation and presentations.

Print Design

Including advertising, posters, packaging, direct mail and brochures.


Including commercial, product, lifestyle and corporate portraiture.


For advertising, websites, and content for blogs and social media campaigns.


The experience to get the job done right

Chargefield was co-founded by John Godfrey and Clayton D’Mello, who have over 20 years combined experience developing creative strategy for companies large and small, as well as working on motion graphics and visual effects in the entertainment industry. Chargefield is a company focused on beautiful aesthetics, technical ingenuity and, above all else, results for clients. We’re a creative consultancy that helps you strategize the best way to capture your audience and convert them into customers.

Before forming Chargefield, we’ve had the pleasure of developing creative for other studios, working for the likes of Jamie Foxx, The Jackson Five, Kraft, YMCA and Givenchy. We’ve been nominated for excellence in visual effects and have worked on shows like Scandal, Justified, and How To Get Away With Murder - we’ve won awards as producers, have been featured in publications such as Web Design Index, Applied Arts and Daily Finance, and would love to make you our next success story.

John Godfrey

John Godfrey


Clayton D'Mello

Clayton D'Mello


Patricia Grant

Patricia Grant



Croydon D'Mello



Your brand is your flag

And it should charge everyone around it. That’s the origin of the name Chargefield; the basic composition of a flag includes a symbol (charge) on a background (field); two words which also allude to the field of force surrounding a charged particle in the study of electricity. The name represents what we beleive is important for any brand - the design of the actual flag, and the culture around it that charges everyone in its proximity. Chargefield is composed of branding experts to design your logo and full brand collateral suite, as well as promote the culture of your brand through the services we offer from web design to print advertising, photography to TV commercial production, we create brands and campaigns from the ground up that get results.


Let's talk about possibilities

Wether you need a new website, a TV commercial, or need an experienced team to start building your brand from the very start with a fully integrated campaign, Chargefield has the solution. Send us an email and we’ll be in touch shortly to talk about ways we can help you increase business.